The Oiling Plate- Shock Settings- Incabloc, KIF and Duo Fix

The Gear Train exam was now complete, I achieved a comfortable pass although my mark was much lower than I had expected, so we could move on to preparing for the Escapement exam. The escapement regulates the timekeeping of a watch and is therefore extremely important. Its probably the most complex part of a movement […]


ETA 6498 Keyless work- Lubrication and fault finding

Now we were a bit more familiar with the 6498 we could start to learn how to service everything correctly. The movement minus the balance would be broken down into different areas. We would focus on one area at a time, learning how to find faults and how to correctly lubricate all the components. We […]


Tag Heuer 2000 Quartz WE-1111 Project

I bought this Tag Heuer from its previous owner as non runner, cosmetically it was in outstanding condition for a watch thats 18 years old but it had stopped working. It had been looked over by a watchmaker previously and a quote of £160 was given for a full service, as a result the owner […]