ETA 6498- Riveting and Poising a balance wheel

We continued our preparation for the Escapement exam, learning how to rivet a 6498 balance staff and how to poise a balance wheel. We would also learn how to remove the balance staff from the wheel and how to fit/remove the roller. All of the above are just a few of the things that will […]


ETA 6498 Keyless work- Lubrication and fault finding

Now we were a bit more familiar with the 6498 we could start to learn how to service everything correctly. The movement minus the balance would be broken down into different areas. We would focus on one area at a time, learning how to find faults and how to correctly lubricate all the components. We […]


6498 School Watch Bridges- Marking, Cutting and Filing

We received some of the first parts for our School Watch a few months back, this included the ETA 6498 blank that is removed from the start of production at ETA specifically for the schools. We receive a blank that has all the bridges marked out and the jewel holes, etc pre-drilled. The next step […]


Initial Ideas for My School Watch- ETA 6498 Base Calibre

Long before the days of practicing for and completing examinations, I was already thinking about what I might do with the school watch we get to make. We will be using the ETA Unitas 6498 as the base, we receive the movement in kit form and each component has to be either made, finished or […]