Setting up the Escapement- ETA 6498- End Shakes & Divisions

The Escapement is the area of the movement that regulates the timekeeping so it must be setup correctly in order for a watch to keep accurate time. The rest of the movement could be setup perfectly but if the Escapement isn’t right, you can forget achieving excellent timekeeping. There are a number of components that […]


ETA 6498- Riveting and Poising a balance wheel

We continued our preparation for the Escapement exam, learning how to rivet a 6498 balance staff and how to poise a balance wheel. We would also learn how to remove the balance staff from the wheel and how to fit/remove the roller. All of the above are just a few of the things that will […]


The Oiling Plate- Shock Settings- Incabloc, KIF and Duo Fix

The Gear Train exam was now complete, I achieved a comfortable pass although my mark was much lower than I had expected, so we could move on to preparing for the Escapement exam. The escapement regulates the timekeeping of a watch and is therefore extremely important. Its probably the most complex part of a movement […]