Winding Stem for an ETA 6497

We were now given the chance to start making complete winding stems from start to finish in preparation for our first micro mechanics exam. For the exam would we would be given 8 hours to make a winding stem from scratch to match the technical drawing provided by WOSTEP in Switzerland. We had a choice […]


Winding Stem Blank using a Horia Lathe and Motor

So now we were finally able to make a winding stem, well a winding stem of sorts, using the Horia lathe and motor. It wasn’t a complete stem as it lacked a square, slot, thread and a burnished pivot. It was also rather large in size relative to a functioning winding stem. For this exercise […]


Filing Squares

The last exercise to complete before we started making the first winding stems was to perfect the art of filing squares. We had to make a set of 5 squares with the last of the set being just 0.60mm in diameter with a tolerance of +/-0.03mm. This would be the start of very small tolerances […]

Lathe Exercises

We had now completed the first part of the course so out came the Horia lathes that we would be using for both of our micro mechanics exams, albeit with a motor instead of a hand wheel. Both exams would be in February so we had a lengthy amount of time to prepare but the […]


Acrylic Barrel Closer

After quite a few projects completed by hand we were finally able to get to grips with the Schaublin 70 Mi-CF watchmakers lathe. We were tasked with making a barrel closer and although we will not use this until much later on in the course, I’m sure it will prove to be very useful. We […]


Steel Cube

This would be our final filing project before we moved on to turning on the lathes and ultimately our micro mechanics exams. When we first started at the school we were told by the current second year students and last years graduating students that the cube was extremely difficult. So from the very start this […]

Brass Gauges, Steel Tri-Square and Steel Flat Gauge

Our next 3 projects all involved mastering our filing skills and also moving to a material thats slightly more difficult to work with, steel. The Tri-Square and Flat Gauge have proved invaluable in our subsequent projects and exams. The brass gauges were made by drilling a hole in piece of steel and then cutting straight […]