Welcome to my site raulhorology.com. My name is Luke Rowell and I'm a WOSTEP certified watchmaker based in the United Kingdom. I started this site in early 2012 to show the different stages of the WOSTEP course and the various projects I undertook along the way; with the hope that it will inspire others to take up a profession which is somewhat off the radar to most.

My watchmaking career began in September 2011 at the British School of Watchmaking. The BSoW is a WOSTEP partnership school and all students are enrolled on the 3000 hour watchmaking course. The course is split into two main parts, micro mechanics and watch repair/service. There are 5 intermediate exams and a final exam. The final exam involves servicing/repairing 3 watches and completing a theory paper.

Having graduated in 2013, I am now responsible for running the manufacturer accredited watch repairs business of a large multinational retailer and can count on a total of 28 staff. I am directly involved in the training and development of new watchmakers and watch technicians, my aim is to develop my workshops into centres of excellence and provide an outstanding level of service.

Although I haven't updated the site for a long period of time, I'm still happy to provide advice and welcome enquiries regarding watch repairs.

Thanks for visiting.