My Second School Watch- WOSTEP Calibre W-01- The raw parts have arrived!

Previously I have mentioned that I’m making two school watches but up until now I have only posted pictures of the custom 6498 of my own design. As part of the WOSTEP course they have now developed a calibre of their own based on the 6498 but larger in diameter and made of higher grade materials. This calibre is known as the W-01 and is made from German silver. We receive the main plate and bridges in an unfinished state but with pre cut bevels. The custom click and click spring have been polished black. The movements have a production number that is registered to each individual and engraved into the main plate.

In order to complete the movement we have to produce a balance staff, rivet the train wheels, rivet the balance wheel, form a hairspring, decorate the ratchet and crown wheels, fit the jewels, refinish the bridges to remove the machine marks and polish the bevels, assemble it all and then regulate it to within chronometer spec. Quite a lot do and it needs to be completed by Xmas so it can be sent to COSC for testing. Providing it meets the standard, I will be presented with a chronometer certificate which is pretty cool.

We should be receiving a special steel case manufactured by Audemars Piguet, a WOSTEP porcelain dial, a set of blued steel hands and a wooden display box. The case has no lugs and is designed for display only which suits me as it would be too big to wear comfortably and parts such as the balance staff aren’t available off the shelf so I would be scared of damaging it too. Its a nice thing to have especially with the COSC certificate but I’m far more excited about finishing my custom 6498 as it showcases my design, development and manufacturing skills better in my opinion. I feel privileged to be able to produce 2 watches and I can’t wait to see them finished!

Here are a few pictures of the raw parts on arrival…








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