Omega Speedmaster MKII Racing- Re-assembled after case refurbishment- New crystal and crown- Wow!

I finally got around to putting my Speedmaster back together. I had the case refurbished by Rocco at watchwords, as shown in my sneak preview, and have since fitted a new crystal and crown. I bought the watch from eBay about 3yrs ago, it was running well and the dial/handset were in good condition for one of these BUT the case had been badly refinished. Instead of the factory starburst grain and crisp lapped edges, it had a circular grained finished which covered everything, completely ruining it!

I originally planned to send it to Bienne a few years ago but I couldn’t really justify the massive outlay. I didn’t want to sell the watch so I just wore it as it was, hoping that one day I could afford to make it look like it was supposed to. When I eventually decided I wanted to become a watchmaker, I knew I would be able to do all the work myself except the case refinish. Thankfully Rocco’s purchase of a lapping machine meant I could get it done at reasonable price and do the rest of the work myself. Anyway I think you will agree that the results are amazing and it should be fully finished next year when I learn how to service 861 movements.

I loved the watch even before the case refurbishment, new crystal and new crown but they have really improved it. It was always my intention to get all of this work done but I’ve never got around to doing it, I’m really glad that I finally did. I now have a watch with a case that looks like it has just left the factory and a dial/handset that still retains the vintage character that I love. The best of both worlds in my opinion.

Its probably my favourite out of all the watches that I own and the last one I would ever sell. You would never guess that its over 40 years old! It houses one of the nicest looking chronograph movements around, the Omega Calibre 861. The case and dial represent the very best of Omega during the 70’s, an era in which they produced some of the finest models in their history. The retro case, splash of colour on the dial and the fantastic movement all form the basis of a great watch.

Anyway enjoy the pictures…

P1020203 P1010888-2







Note- Its probably about time that I invested in a decent camera!

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