An Enjoyable Journey- What a difference just over 3 years makes!

Just having a look through my photos and came across a few of my collection at various stages over the last 3yrs. Its amazing how much its grown in both value and numbers since I joined the watch forum TZ-UK back in the summer of 2009. The site has played a big part in my passion for watches, ultimately playing a role in the purchase of my first Swiss watch, the Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph. That purchase led to an interest in a career in the watch industry and well the rest is history!

2009- The journey began…

I had a number of low value pieces but enjoyed wearing them a lot. I loved having a few different watches to chose from, one was never enough even then!


2010- Growing in size and value!

A few notable editions of significant value, my love of Swiss watches had started to take over and I was desperately trying to start training as a watchmaker.


2011- Just before I began training as a watchmaker- More additions…

By now I had finally secured a place at the British School of Watchmaking and my spending on watches was only going to head in one direction!


2012- I started buying watches to fix and the value of my collection carried on climbing…

Having completed the first year of my training I had gained a number of watches that I had either built or repaired myself. Its a great feeling to bring something back to its former glory and having the skills to do this myself just makes that feeling a whole lot sweeter.


As it stands today- A number of ongoing projects are missing though including a Tag Heuer 2000 Modular Chronograph and a Breitling 81970 Pre Antares…

I finally purchased a yellow dialled Breitling SuperOcean that I’d admired for a number of years and I have purchased numerous projects that I plan to complete over the next few months. Some of them will no doubt disappear to new owners but there are a couple that will definitely make there way into my collection. This time next year I will hopefully be a fully qualified WOSTEP watchmaker and the watch I have been building over the last year will be completed and become the king of my collection!


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