A Sneak Preview- My refinished Omega Speedmaster MKII case courtesy of Rocco at Watchworks

I have owned an Omega Speedmaster MKII Racing dial for around two and a half years now, the case was in a pretty bad state when I bought it but I loved its vintage charm. There are a lot of perfectly refinished factory cases around but I had neither the machinery or skill to do it myself, let alone the bank balance to pay for a full refurb at Omega in Switzerland. Fast forward to a month or so ago and I noticed a thread on TZ-UK about a watchmaker called Rocco who had a recently acquired lapping machine that could bring these cases back to life.

I was passed his details by a forum acquaintance of mine and after a quick phone call discussing all things watch related, my watch was despatched to Rocco. I agreed for photos to be taken before and after the refurb, not only to promote Rocco’s excellent work but also for my reference. Thanks to Gary for taking the pictures and allowing me to use them.



I’m sure you will agree the results are amazing, I just need to fit a new crystal and seals now and then put it all back together. Once finished, I doubt I will ever sell this one! A big thanks to Rocco for the work and I can thoroughly recommend using www.watchworks.co.uk

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