A Quick Fix- Seiko Yellow BFK Kinetic Diver

I snapped this one up for just £10, it wasn’t keeping time correctly and the second hand was jumping in 4 second increments. The owner was quoted an astronomical figure for a service and decided to let it go for a bargain price. I was fortunate enough to be the one that got the bargain of the century.

I collected it a few days later and I was really pleased, it was in excellent condition and complete with the original box/booklets. A black rubber strap was another added bonus, this really was a bargain! I knew from my previous experience with the Seiko I completed for my nephew that this type of problem was usually down to a faulty capacitor. Because of this, I decided to purchase a capacitor for the princely sum of £7 before I had even collected the watch. I hoped this would be a quick fix but if it wasn’t, I would be ready and willing to carry out a full service.

All of my previous projects have been designed to help me learn something new, whether it be a quartz service or a case refurbishment, but this one was just a chance to own a watch I have wanted in the past for a fraction of its usual cost. I liked the idea of having a yellow faced diver that I can use over the summer in the pool or on the beach without having to worry about breaking it.

My plan was to fit the capacitor and clean the case/bracelet, they were both in good condition so I decided not to refurbish them. Firstly, I removed the movement, dial and hands from the case and then cleaned the case and bracelet in the ultrasonic cleaning tank. After allowing them to dry, I refitted everything, lining up the chapter ring that rotated freely was definitely a challenge with this one. I removed the old capacitor and then fitted the new replacement, the watch started ticking away as normal, result! No service required as I had expected. I refitted the case back and it was a job well done.

I’m very pleased with it, I don’t think you could buy a better watch for £17, the build quality stands up really well to my other vastly more expensive Swiss models. I think the retail price of these in the UK is around £300 and even at that price this would represent good value. The case is reassuringly robust and weighty, the bracelet has a solid link construction, the bezel rotates with a nice action and importantly for a diver, the lume is extremely bright. All this shows why Seiko are a well respected brand and a popular choice at this end of the market. This wasn’t a difficult project at all, I’m sure a lot of people could of carried out the work with relative ease, but I’m happy with the end result and thats all that matters.

The pictures…
IMG_1677 IMG_1691 IMG_1675 IMG_1671 IMG_1689 IMG_1680

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