Winding Stem Exam Practices

Over the course of the next month or so, we continued to practice making winding stems, to make sure we were competent at each of the processes required to produce a stem. With both micro mechanics exams only 4 weeks apart, we also began preparing for the second exam in which we were required to make a pivot gauge. I will come to these in my next post.

A partially completed stem…
IMG_0931 IMG_0933

Practice. Practice. Practice. Day after day we continued to produce and attempt to produce stems, things didn’t always go to plan though and many stems were discarded at different stages of completion. Although I could now produce a stem faster than before, it still took longer than 8hrs and some attempts went wrong before they were completed. This only confirmed that it would be a tough task to passthe exam and 100% concentration was needed to prevent any costly mistakes.

Completed stem…
IMG_0934 IMG_0937

Eventually the mistakes were disappearing and I could produce a stem much faster, but I was still taking 2/3hrs too long! Could it really be done in 8hrs? Well, the first of our soon to be weekly mock tests loomed and now was the perfect time to find out! Thankfully it all went to plan and I completed the stem within 8hrs at a good enough standard to pass the exam.

A selection of mock test stems…

We would continue to have a mock test each week until the exam was completed. I was definitely feeling confident about the exam but anything could happen on day especially when the nerves start to kick in. We had been practicing for a long time though and I was ready for the challenge!

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