Steel Cube

This would be our final filing project before we moved on to turning on the lathes and ultimately our micro mechanics exams. When we first started at the school we were told by the current second year students and last years graduating students that the cube was extremely difficult. So from the very start this was the project that we all feared the most but when it finally arrived we were ready for it.

We started out by cutting a piece of style off a rough piece of bar and we then began by filing once side flat which we would use as a reference to get all sides square too. The hardest part was remembering which side was the first and which ones had been completed, let me tell you this was no easy task! With all the sides flat and square to each other we then had to take it down to the correct diameters keeping the sharp corners and finally grain it on various grades of polishing paper.

Definitely our most difficult task to date and a good way to sign off from the first part of the course. I felt a real sense of accomplishment in finishing the cube as there were a large number of challenges along the way. Pictures below…

IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0697

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