Special Visit – Scott (Former BSOW Student) from Roger Smith

We had a special visit during early October 2011 from a student that graduated a couple of years ago called Scott Weaver. After graduating from the school and working for his sponsor company, Scott is now working for Roger Smith on the Isle of Man. He came to the school to talk to us about his work and give us a bit of background on the company.

For anyone that is not aware of Roger Smith and his company Roger W. Smith LTD, I will give you a brief description but you can find out more at Roger Smith was an apprentice of the late British and world renowned watchmaker George Daniels. Roger worked alongside him for many years initially building Georges creations before setting his own company. He also collaborated on the Daniels Anniversary watch, which was sadly George’s last watch before his passing in Novemeber 2011.

Roger prides himself on creating handmade watches in a traditional English style and firmly believes in bringing English watchmaking back to the forefront of the world watchmaking industry. His watches are produced in very small numbers with each watch taking up to a year to produce and predominately sold to watch collectors due to there six figure starting price. They also incorporate Rogers own interpretation of the Daniels Co-Axial escapement.

Anyway lets get back to Scotts visit, he came prepared with a presentation about Roger Smith and there current watch the series 2 of which Scott is part of the small team that produce a small number of these watches every year. Scott was happy to answer all of our many questions and also brought along some of the parts that make up the watch so we had a chance to see them at first hand. The quality of the finishing was outstanding and definitely justifies the price tags of the series 2 models. I can definitely say that if I had the funds that I would definitely love to have one of these in my collection.

Scotts visit showed us a great example of where we could be a few years after graduating from the school and proved that the hard work that we put in can pay off. For me personally it has given me even more inspiration for the future as I hope to one day work for independent watchmaking company, where as much as possible is produced in house. Scott has shown that this dream is definitely possible.

A big thanks to Scott and Roger Smith for the visit from Myself and also I’m sure my fellow students and the school tutors.

A few pictures of some of the parts, photos courtesy of my friend and fellow student, Abraham Altairy.

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