Brass Sawing Support

Fairly simple to make although there were quite a few steps and new techniques to learn. I never got a chance to finish this in the time frame we had so came back to it later in the course but I’ll run through the process from beginning to end.

Firstly I filed all the sides flat and square, marked out the centre which had to then be cut out into a ‘V’ shape and filed flat. Next was to make a base that was flat and square and with measurements that would match up with the top part of the sawing support. I then had to drill two holes into the base a set distance apart and then tap the holes to accommodate a screw. My first experience of tapping a hole but it wasn’t too bad, plenty of oil and taking it slowly gives a good end result.

Next I drilled two holes in the top part to match the base, these were then drilled again to create a counter sunk hole to accommodate the screws. The screws were cut down to size and test fitted, once a good fit was achieved, the heads were filed to remove the protective coating. The screws were then removed and blued before being highly polished using various grades of sandpaper. I then grained the top surface of the support and gave it a light polish.

This will become really useful once we get our blank 6498 bridges for our WOSTEP school watch that need to be cut out. A few more things learned and another tool to add to my growing collection.

Pictures below although the bottom picture is a recent one which as you can see shows its now been used 🙂

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